I'm deeply sorry for my long absence. I'm not on LJ anymore because I've been focusing on my artwork lately.
Expect some more layouts soon! Sorryyyyy.

thank you ♥

thank you for joining this community I only hope that
I can continue to bring you new and more interesting
layouts. If there is anything you would like to see in
my layouts, any ideas, please let me know here!
thank you again.


style: flexible squares
features: custom comment pages, tiny icons, contextual popup
accounts: basic, plus, paid
browsers: most of the special effects (such as rounded borders) work on firefox and safari.


refer to THIS post for special instructions.

layout archive

archive of all of the layouts I've done so far :33 remember to leave a comment at the entries themselves, though, it's rude to just grab the codes from here and run off D:
all of these except the last three do not have working tiny icons, I will replace these when I have time, unless you want to replace them yourself ~
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